Indogusto Story

Our Story

Started in 2017, we began our journey. Founded by Mr. Anuj Chauhan and his wife, Niska, with the aim to offer the best packages that are justifiable for every dollar spent by each traveler.

Our Values

At Indogusto™, we believe that traveling heals our soul and fills us with joy and passion, inspiring us to do more in life. It provides much-needed relaxation from day-to-day stress and clears our minds, rejuvenating our feelings and relaxing our bodies. Above all, it motivates us to see more of the world and do more.


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"Experience extreme comfort with our handcrafted holidays. Escape anywhere in the world with our customized packages. We are a leader in providing meaningful holiday experiences with a focus on individual happiness. Our company has a global presence and we have offices all over the world to cater to global travelers."

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Anuj Chauhan

Founder & CEO